T E C H N I C A L    S U P P O R T

 D E T A I L S      T U B E       S E R V E R  S I D E

  1. First step, download user manual PDF here


2. Second step, here is some FAQ (Frequently asked questions)

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  • Can I customise welcome screen of 12framework?
    Yes. On settings tab, paste logo image URL location. When exporting, switch on "Export company logo". Next time 12framework will be started with your logo background.

  • How can I exchange 12framework settings between users?
    You define settings for web services and company logo url on your device and simply send mail with settings to your users, protected with passcode. Users then enter passcode in 12framework-Settings-Import passcode, and open attachement in e-mail. In addition, you can place your settings ZIP file on your server and user can set "Import from url" on 12framework settings tab.

  • 12framework and security?
    Export and import 12framework settings are passcode protected. If you use HTTPS protocol, all data between service and device are encrypted by default by HTTS protocol. If you set in 12framework-Settings "Send device id to web service", you can filter data on server and accept your customers records only.

  • Does 12framework supports off-line?
    No. Maybe in future versions (depends on customers requests), but it is unlikely because almost all devices are on-line 100% of time.

  • Can I specify field controls for web service result?
    Yes. You define web service call and start web service. When you go back and edit your web service settings, you can see predefined field captions and field controls. Field controls are set by default to text control. You can change to memo, date, bool, imagepicker for field at appropriate position.

  3. Third step, if you have further questions or suggestions, write email to support@12framework.com.
We will respond within 24 hours on working days.

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