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What business needs I can handle with 12FrameWork?

Browsing and viewing database data (easy and comfortable) from anywhere

Comfort inserting, updating and deleting data on database server

Manage and test unlimited web services calls


Possible real world solutions with 12FrameWork:

  • Simple data entry forms for technicians, service orders, for example. Workers uses iPhone/iPad for entering forms specified data directly to company database. Search, view, enter, save, delete data from/to any table. 12FrameWork will dynamically create form, according to web service result.

  • Viewing daily schedules and respond by entering data in text, memo, boolean or date fields

  • Prepare custom checklists for easy switching on iPhone/iPad devices, with unlimited number of fields, and custom defined captions

  • Viewing table data in high performance grid and opening forms for editing record, by selecting desired row

12Framework preview

 Service Service Service Service Service Service Service 12Framework preview
Quick SETUP for IT specialists:
1. Create/choose your database table.
2. Update
server side PHP script to match your fields and database connection.
3. Install 12FrameWork from AppStore, and define new web service call on your iOS device.
4. Set all captions, filters, controls, and your company background logo according to
5. Send defined settings package to your iOS users by email, or place settings ZIP file on URL
For users of iPhone/iPad/IPod:
1. Install 12FrameWork from AppStore
2. Import settings package from email or URL location
3. Start viewing and managing table data.


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